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Deliver a turn-key risk and compliance digital workflow platform for your clients.

Nexus Assurance provides Advisor Firms with an opportunity to optimise service delivery while generating enhanced revenue through platform licensing.

Advisor Hub

Provide clients updates on regulatory change and suggest best practice routines that can be adopted by the client with a click. Utilise DocuLink to digitally link best practice to regulations and policies

Regulatory & Compliance

Through DocuLink by Nexus Assurance, protect your firm by systematically linking your governance framework to polices, rulebooks, and regulatory requirements.

Digital Checklist

For your operation ecosystem, our platform tracks pre-defined tasks embedded in your operating model. Each task is time stamped and owner stamped, to deliver KPI's and MIS at your fingertips.

Risk Management

Our platform will enhance your risk framework with a fully integrated Risk Register that provides real-time transparency to every facet of your operating model.

We understand what it takes to get started, please contact us for a new entrant discount