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Our Commitment to Corporate Responsibility

From day 1 at Nexus Assurance, we set out to commit that our social and environmental legacy would be positive.

By applying Nexus Assurance’s resources, competencies, and team-based problem-solving approach, we are building out our programs to deliver against that commitment.

Thank you to our clients, with their support are making progress on our social and environmental journey.

Nexus Assurance is passionate about operating its business in a way that supports and gives back to the communities where we do business.

Nexus Assurance Donates

We are committed to donating a % of new-client revenues to local community organisations where we do business. We thank all of our clients for providing their support in this initiative.

Nexus Assurance is committed to operating its business in a way that supports an environmentally sustainable future. This is part of our ongoing commitment to our employees, customers, partners, shareholders, and the communities in which we live and work. We aim to manage our impact carefully and we are driven to offset our carbon footprint through a Tree Planting Program.

Employee Engagement

Through their daily actions, our employees around the world can significantly influence our environmental performance. We commit to engaging our employees in environmental sustainability initiatives; to raising awareness of how they can support our goals while limiting their individual impacts; and to harnessing their energy and ideas.

Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

As a technology company, our three largest contributors to our carbon footprint are, a) the use of data-centres, b) the use of office infrastructure, and c) the travel undertaken by our employees. We quantify the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from these activities and we commit to implementing measures to directly reduce our energy use and emissions.

Resource Management

Our team are committed to the following first principles:

Avoid printing

Recycle where possible

Avoid standby energy consumption

Take public transport where available

Plan international travel effectively to limit air travel

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