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Unlocking Transformation: 9 Simple Steps to Implementing a Digital Workflow


In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, businesses must adapt to remain competitive. Implementing transformational digital workflows can streamline processes, enhance productivity, and drive innovation. Navigator, our digital control and governance platform, allows you to optimise and simplify workflows. The platform is intuitive and offers customised digital checklists that are easy to build to fit your firm’s unique operating model, allocate, and utilise.

Here are nine simple steps to guide organisations through this transformative journey using Navigator, by Nexus Assurance:

  1. Communicate the value proposition to stakeholders:
    Navigator is designed to enhance the working framework for all stakeholders in your firm from new employees to senior management.
  2. Instil the importance of task governance with senior management:
    Navigator provides real-time management dashboards to allow seamless oversight of activities performed across the operating process.
  3. Avoid Disruption. Your control framework acts as the foundation:
    Embedding the platform’s DocuLink capabilities in any checklist or process creates immediate value without changing the control.
  4. Scale on Success. Select a strong beta department:
    The support team at Nexus Assurance is ready to help you decide on a suitable roll out strategy. Our success is aligned to your success.
  5. Leverage the system to identify process bottlenecks and standardise workflows:
    Through data-driven reporting, Navigator can provide a seamless comparison of activities across clients and products to identify critical differences (or opportunities).
  6. Identify system interface opportunities past implementation:
    Navigator does not act as a substitute for core platforms, it provides the opportunity to receive in external data or files into workflow tasks to support efficient decision making.
  7. Reporting is paramount to get right:
    Navigator’s Reporting Hub is completely customisable for a firm’s reporting needs. PDF reporting can be white labelled for internal and external consumption. Excel data extracts are also available.
  8. Shareholder and Client Transparency – Your control environment:
    Leveraging Navigator offers the opportunity to provide external parties with relevant and transparent insights into the firms control environment, enabling them to contribute to or monitor the progress of critical activities effectively.
  9. Sales and service offering:
    Navigator allows you to present your workflow application to provide transparency and demonstrate oversight of activities which will create immediate comfort of your control framework – a real winner in sales pitches.


By following these nine simple steps, firms can unlock the full potential of digital technologies such as Navigator, by Nexus Assurance, to drive efficiency, innovation, and growth. Remember, the journey towards digital transformation is ongoing. Stay agile, embrace change, and leverage technology to stay ahead in today’s dynamic business environment.