Risk Hub

Leverage our deep risk management expertise and technology to transform your risk function.

Navigator, our digital control and governance platform, delivers a fully integrated and customisable Risk Register providing real-time visibility of your firm’s risk status. Risk management becomes clear and simple. Manage everything from risk reviews, assessments, and prioritisations to remediation plans – all on one intuitive and fully integrated platform.

Strength and Resilience.

We know risk. We understand the ever-changing demands on regulated firms that make implementing a strong risk management framework a real challenge.

Every organisation has a unique risk profile and set of requirements. Navigator’s risk hub is designed to help firms enhance their risk management and control rigor, ensuring compliance, and mitigating operational vulnerabilities creating a secure, reliable and resilient business environment. With flexibility to define risk categories and associated controls, you can effectively manage your risk exposures your way, ensuring maximum preparedness.


Explore how our risk solution features can benefit your business.

Digitise risk register

Transition from time consuming risk management processes and manual reporting. Move risks from spreadsheet to the risk hub seamlessly and create fully integrated registers with real-time links to mitigating controls or tasks.

Customise and scale

Navigator’s risk hub is flexible such that our clients can design, evolve and maintain their risk registers as well as the activities driving risk management to suit their specific requirements.

Evidence risk updates

Risk is ever changing. With Navigator, every change that you make as your risks evolve is tracked and audit trailed on the system.

Control with dynamic dashboards

Dynamic dashboards give instant transparency providing a simple live overview of your risk universe. Analyse risks, issues, trends and performance indicators easily, with flexibility to build and adjust associated controls.

Group and local level register capability

Intelligently designed, Navigator manages multiple risk registers with ease. The platform can support risks at a local and group level.

Risk reporting

Access a rich pool of accurate risk data instantly by running configurable reports. Share risk insights by elevating the right information to the right people allowing your firm to take action quickly and make informed decisions.

Empower Through Digital

Our platform’s intelligent capabilities allow you to transition from outdated risk management solutions and a reliance on manual. Track your risks in a new efficient way.

Risk Hub is designed to deliver a customised digital risk solution to complex organisations. It allows you to tailor risk assessment criteria to your firm’s unique risk profile. By digitally linking risks to mitigating activities the platform provides you with real-time transparency. It allows you to store all risk data for your firm in a single secure environment providing immediate access to all risk metrics and offering total control.

Streamlined Compliance

Navigator delivers the tools that allow you to seamlessly ensure and demonstrate compliance with regulations and industry best practice.

The platform’s user-friendly risk dashboards and automated risk reporting capabilities provide powerful risk management insights. These allow you to quickly understand the current risk status of your firm, and mitigate operational vulnerabilities for a secure, compliant, and better protected business environment. With automated digital processes driving best practice, and in-built audit trails tracing all activities to source, you can demonstrate proactive compliance and risk management at the touch of a button.