Activity Hub

Quickly design, automate, and track activities in real-time within the firm.

Navigator, our digital control and governance platform, allows you to optimise and simplify workflows. Everything is centralised, visible and evidenced, ensuring total control while creating a clear audit trail. Management tools and KPI reporting are at your fingertips for workflow transparency. 

Design and Implement Custom with Ease.

Navigator, by Nexus Assurance, is intuitive and offers customised digital checklists that are easy to build to fit your firm’s unique operating model, allocate, and utilise. 

With complete access to your work, user-friendly dynamic activity dashboards, and activity lists to help prioritise, workflows becomes clear, simple and efficient. Navigator is a no-code platform that removes resourcing roadblocks and significantly reduces implementation effort, allowing you to streamline operations without the usual technical constraints.  


Explore how our activity solution features can benefit your business. 

Activity Dashboard

Automate workflows

Seamlessly schedule, allocate and track important activities. Drive efficient operations on a central secure platform. Everyone is clear on their work. Digital time and owner stamps deliver complete control and accountability.

Implement with ease

Our no-code solution addresses implementation challenges by enabling non-technical resources to lead or support the implementation. We provide an intuitive platform for ease and efficiency, along with best-in-class support and training throughout the process.

Customisable digital checklists

We remove the tug of war between standard and bespoke. Firms need both. Navigator’s activity hub is flexible such that our clients can design, evolve and maintain their activities using customisable digital checklists to suit their specific requirements.

Multi-use, multi-jurisdiction capability

Navigator was designed to support workflows for an extensive range of complex and diverse firms taking into consideration multi-entity organisations, varying product structures, and department level access and permissions.

Demonstrate compliance

Navigator’s unique DocuLink capabilities allow you to link activities directly to relevant regulations, agreements, SLAs and best-practice policies to evidence ongoing compliance of every activity.

Improved transparency

Dynamic dashboards give a simple live overview of all your activities. Analyse KPIs, trends and issues easily, with flexibility to track specific areas of focus and build tailored views that can be used time and time again.

Build Your Best Practice Library

Revolutionise your firm’s operational efficiency by constructing tailored best practice process sets ready to be deployed with just a click.

Whether it’s a multi-layered ongoing process for new client onboarding, or an event-driven single task, the platform’s activity template library acts as a transformational tool. Efficiently create and maintain a library of tailored digital best practice toolkits for any team and seamlessly integrate these processes into your workflows when needed. Doing so helps ensure that every action is optimised for success and aligned with industry best practice. This capability empowers your organisation to maintain excellence and consistency in every task, transforming the way you operate. The result: readiness, reduced risk and agility. 


Protect your firm by digitally linking activities to regulations, rulebooks and policies. 

Using Navigator’s unique DocuLink capabilities you can digitally link activities to relevant documents maintained in the platform’s repository. Digitally linking workflows to relevant documents enhances understanding and significantly increases transparency of the operational environment. Your documents are brought to life in the on-screen workflows so that employees understand what they need to do and why. Workflows becomes instantly clear. Key person risk is reduced, and audits are streamlined as you gain instant transparency of actual performance addressing regulations, agreements, SLAs and best-practice policies.